Spider Veins

spider-veinsSpider veins are blue-green veins that are very close to the skin. Spider veins are often treated for cosmetic purposes, but they can also cause aching and burning of the affected area. The larger blue/green veins can be treated with sclerotherapy, while the tiny red veins can be treated with the VeinWave.

Sclerotherapy can be used to minimize the appearance of spider veins. During the procedure, an FDA-approved sclerosant is injected into the vein. This causes an irritation to the inner lining of the vein resulting in closure of the vein. After the procedure, a compression dressing will be applied to the site. You will be required to wear compression stockings for the first 48 hours. After 48 hours, you need to wear the stocking during the day for the next 7-10 days, unless specified otherwise by your provider. The number of treatments needed differs from patient to patient, depending on the extent of the problem. Because the treatment of small spider veins is considered cosmetic, most insurance companies will not cover these treatments.

Watch Dr Visconti LIVE while he injects spider veins with a sclerosant!


Dr. Visconti is one of the five providers in Michigan to offer the Veinwave, a revolutionary treatment for spider veins and telangectasia. The Veinwave system uses heat energy to target small spider veins. The energy from the heat is delivered to the blood vessels and the veins disappear through a process called thermocoagulation. The heat makes the walls of the vein stick together and the vein eventually collapses. ach vein can be targeted with the ultra-fine needle that is used during the treatment. The FDA approved the Veinwave for the treatment of spider veins in June, 2009. The Veinwave can be used to treat spider veins on the legs, as well as small veins on the face.

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