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The 3D Breast Center

The Visconti 3D Breast Center is an independent state-of-the-art outpatient facility serving all of Northern Michigan from its location in Petoskey. Board certified radiologist, Matthew L. Visconti, MD, provides the highest level of quality diagnostic patient care in a comfortable efficient environment utilizing the Siemens  3D Full Field Digital Mammography unit.

“High Quality Care in a Relaxed Comfortable Environment”

Breast Care Services

Siemens 3D Mammography

The Visconti Breast Care Center now offers True Breast Tomosynthesis by Siemens also referred to as Digital Breast Tomographic imaging (DBT) . It is a new 3D mammogram technology that helps us detect breast cancer earlier than 2D mammography alone especially in patients with dense breasts. We are using this new technology to give women like you a new level of confidence in their breast health.

“3D mammography is especially helpful in patients with dense breasts”

Not all facilities offer 3D mammography so discuss with your health care provider. If you have been told you have dense breasts……3D mammography is likely an great alternative for you.

Patients have the right to obtain their Imaging Health Care (Mammogram) at the facility of their choice…………..just ask for a referral.

“Patients have the right to obtain mammograms at the facility of their choice”

Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound is used to help diagnose presenting breast symptoms including evaluating palpable masses, further evaluating inconclusive mammography findings or as a screening test for patients with dense breasts. 

In the appropriate setting Dr. Visconti may elect to use Ultrasound to drain a symptomatic or inconclusive cyst or to biopsy a solid mass to obtain the help of a Pathologist (Doctor specializing in microscopic evaluation of cells) to determine the underlying cause of the mass.

Ultrasound does NOT use ionizing radiation. It is a fast and painless exam.

“Not all palpable masses are cancerous, in fact most are not”


Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy

An ultrasound guided biopsy is a simple procedure done at The Breast Care Center which involves removing small samples of tissue from the breast. Dr Visconti has over 30 years experience perfoming this procedure. Although the news of a breast biopsy can raise many questions and concerns, it is important to remember that over 80% of breast biopsies do not turn out to be cancerous.

“In-Office Ultrasound guided breast biopsies are very quick, easily tolerated and cost effective compared to other options”




Visconti  Breast Center and Medical Spa

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3D Breast Center

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