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Our Breast Center History

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. To treat it…… you must find it. If you find it early, you have a greater chance of a good outcome. The Visconti Breast Center now offers True Breast Tomosynthesis. The 3D mammogram technology helps improve breast cancer detection especially in patients with dense breasts. We are using it to give women like you a new level of confidence in their breast health.

Our History:

Dr. Visconti accepted a position at Northern Michigan Hospital and moved his young family from S. Florida to N.Michigan in 1997. He elected to open his own private office in 2005 to provide the same quality Breast Care he had adopted during his tenure as Director of Mammography at the Columbia Hospital Center for Breast Care in Palm Beach, Florida. He subsequently opened the Image North Petoksey office which became the first private outpatient Breast Center in the area. Not only did the office provide personalized care, but outpatient in-office breast biopsies were now available under a board certified Radiologists guidance.

The Breast Care Center made the conversion to digital mammography in January of 2008. And again, we upgraded to a NEW digital full field unit in 2015 – the Siemens Inspiration. This new digital mammography unit provides Dr Visconti with clearer images while patients can enjoy faster appointment times.

The Breast Care Center made the upgrade to 3D or Digital Breast Tomography (DBT) in May 2018 becoming the first facility in our service area to add this technology. No longer did our neighbors have to travel long distances………..it was made available here in Petoskey!

“First to offer 3D Mammography……….from the leader in outpatient Breast Imaging.”


General Questions

What is 3D Mammography?

Standard 2D mammograms take two images of each breast, one from the top and the other from the side. True Breast Tomosynthesis 3D mammography may take up to 25 pictures of each breast during each exposure, producing multiple angles for viewing as the X-ray tube moves in a 50-degree arc. The images are reviewed by the Radiologist, which allows him/her to visualize breast tissue from different angles. This may assist in the detection of subtle masses. The 3D study is typically better than standard 2D mammograms alone in most patients.

Another benefit is there are fewer call backs.

Will I Benefit From 3D Mammography?

Women of all breast types may benefit from 3D Mammography; however, patients with dense breast stroma typically derive more benefit — specifically, high-risk women with dense breast stroma and a genetic predisposition (BRCA gene) for breast malignancy.

What Can I Expect During the Exam?

Your experience will be nearly identical to the mammograms you’ve had in the past. Our technologist will position you and compress your breast under a paddle. The arm of the X-ray machine will move in a 50-degree arc over your breast – taking a picture every 2 degrees. The 25 images per exposure will be sent electronically to Dr. Visconti, who will review them on a high-resolution monitor utilizing a dedicated software program during the review. All images are viewed in comparison with prior mammograms stored in our digital archived.

Why Did You Add True Breast Tomosynthesis?

We were the first and still the only local facility to introduce wide-angle tomosynthesis as an adjunct to standard 2D full-field Mammography because we believe in the technology and want you to have access to the very best in breast diagnostic care. We love its wide-angle imaging and the increased information it offers Dr. Visconti. We believe it can save lives because it leaves breast cancer less place to hide.

How do I prepare for a Mammogram?
  • You should tell the technician about any breast symptoms you have noticed since your last mammogram. i.e. pain, lumps, nipple discharge, skin dimpling, ect.
  • Do not apply deodorant or lotion to your underarms. These small particles can show up on your films and interfere with interpretation.
  • Make sure you see your primary care physician for your annual breast exams. Your monthly self exam and the physicians annual exam are paramount in the fight against Breast Cancer.
  • We need you previous studies if they were done at another facility. We can help you get them.

If you are having your study done in a different facility than your last mammogram, try and locate your previous films before your appointment.
Call the Visconti Breast Center for assistance in locating your previous mammograms or simply download the form and fax it to 231-439-9709.

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